Spokane Integrated Care Collaborative

A Community Wellness Alliance Driven by Data

Part of Excelsior’s focus is delivering quality care and positive outcomes by ensuring provider partners have access to the right tools and data. “Our goal is to help build a community wellness alliance to connect families to their future,” said Andrew Hill, CEO of Excelsior.

Following an extensive evaluation process, Excelsior selected Qualifacts’ CareLogic as the technology centerpiece of the collaborative. Excelsior will utilize CareLogic’s enterprise EHR platform to serve its clients and build value-added services for other behavioral health agencies in Washington State. As a Qualifacts Affiliate Provider, non-profits and healthcare providers can purchase the electronic health record at reduced rates and benefit from the collaborative’s resources and purchasing power.

“Excelsior has an exciting vision for providing innovative services and technology for providers across Washington,” said David Klements, CEO of Qualifacts. “We’re honored to be part of this collaborative model. We look forward to working with other organizations who are also taking a similar approach to solving complex problems facing behavioral health providers.”

The partnership will leverage CareLogic’s leading clinical capabilities, including its proprietary IMPACT™ outcomes management tools, Golden Thread-driven Treatment Plan, and Clinical Integration Hub™ to provide enterprise-level support to providers of all sizes across the region including small providers that wouldn’t otherwise have access to an enterprise-level solution.

Providers do not have to have CareLogic to participate in the collaborative. We invite the following continuum of care providers to participate!

For more information contact us:

Call: 509-559-3100
Email: Mike.Grundy@ExcelsiorWellness.org