Mission, Vision, Value

Our Mission

We believe that every person has the potential to be safer, stronger, and more satisfied in the lives they lead. To that end, we provide equitable access to care, respect, and hope as they seek to connect to their futures.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve a broad base of individuals and families with the primary aim of identifying goals and making positive steps towards accomplishing them. In our community, we are advocates and hold fast to the belief that children and families have the potential to be safer, stronger, and more satisfied in the lives they lead.

Our Goal and Commitment

Excelsior employees are committed to self-improvement. Our goal is to offer as many services and benefits as possible in our commitment to creating a truly inclusive and employee-centered environment. Excelsior will continue to hold Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as essential values to support our core Mission, Vision, and Values. Addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the work of every employee. As an organization, we will implement our plan through the commitment of executive and department leadership, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, and action teams consisting of representation across the organization’s departments. We believe the actions of a few cannot eliminate systemic inequities. Our success is dependent on employees and partners of Excelsior taking strong positive action for the culture to change. Our plan provides employees throughout Excelsior the tools and education to build a more culturally inclusive workforce accountable to the communities that we serve.

Our Values


“Care about me. Hear my voice. Meet my needs. Honor diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.”


“Earn my trust and confidence. Keep me informed. Engage me with empathy and compassion.”


“Work with me as a partner. Be honest with me. Show respect and humility.”

Our Promise


~ Hope

~ Respect