Health Equity

Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Equity Scholarship

Excelsior has established an Equity Scholarship Fund to act towards inequities in criminal justice, education, and healthcare systems. This scholarship funding aims to address institutional racism and systemic inequity across multiple public systems that negatively impact people of color. Excelsior believes that all racial and ethnic minorities deserve opportunities to change systems from within.

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Excelsior is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment for the entire organization and the community we serve during this difficult time. As Excelsior continues to transition services and business operations to virtual spaces, all members of the Excelsior community are encouraged to keep equity and inclusion at the forefront of their interactions. Provided below is a list of ways we are ensuring that we continue to uphold our values in regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Employee Resources

Be kind. Be flexible. Be adaptable. Remember that people may be operating with limited resources, access to technology, or the internet, and graphics may appear differently or not at all. Asking service participants if they have particular needs concerning access and accommodations during remote or online groups. Because of the change in learning contexts, participants may have or need accommodations they had not previously requested, and some participants may need to make adjustments to their accommodations.

Ensure that our materials are accessible for individuals who may be differently-abled. For video meetings with Zoom, we can record the meeting and enable captions that will appear when the video is downloaded. We can also utilize the chat box feature to share written notes, which can be saved and shared later.

Use language that exhibits respect and sensitivity to all constituents we are communicating with (community members, service participants, and colleagues). Using generic greetings and avoid gender-specific language. Examples include: “Greetings” “Good afternoon”, “Good evening” and so on.

Being mindful of the ways in which a crisis can impact various communities and how individuals from different backgrounds (race, ethnicity, age, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) may have varying responses to the same situation based on their lived experiences. Being cognizant that during a global crisis there may be increased tension and heated discussions.

If these moments lead to a bias incident occurring, you can report incidents of bias to the Office of Human Resources or seek assistance from our Chief Diversity Officer.