Care Team

Dear Community Members,

As of August 21st, we will be retooling the Excelsior Care Team and will no longer deliver care packages. We will monitor Covid-19 and our community’s needs and may re-activate it in the future as the need arises.

We are proud to announce that since March we have delivered care packages to 198 families in our community. Excelsior’s employee of the year Trina Legnon also lead the making of over 1000+ cloth masks that have been given out to community members throughout Spokane.


Aaron D. Chavez M.Ed


OFFICE: 509-559-3127

FAX: 509-328-7582


Excelsior Care’s Project

This project was created by a former employee that dedicated her life to helping those in need, she created a care closet to provide the basic pantry needs of the children, youth and families that we serve. Excelsior Wellness Center expands the capacity of the Care Closet through the creation of the Excelsior Cares Program. The Excelsior Care Team operates as a Mobile Pantry distributing food, cleaning supplies and toiletries to service participants. We strive to remove barriers that prevent access to basic needs and allows for fast and flexible delivery of much-needed pantry items.

Excelsior’s Care Team is committed to providing delivery of available resources to a participant that is in need. Resources will be delivered to a participant’s home and will be dropped at the front door, or the closest available location to the front door. Our staff will not enter a home or structure, will not enter any areas posted as no trespassing, or enter areas with animals such as dogs. We will provide available supplies for up to three days. We do not provide dog food, diapering, or formula at this time.